Frequently Asked Questions

Can I test your system first with a demo account?

Yes, sure you can do that. you can use our daily FREE signals to get comfortable with placing yours trades. Once you are ready you can then always move to one of our subscription package.

Could I also change stop loss and/or take profit of the trades that came from you?

Yes it is possible to use your own stop loss but it is not recommended . Our stoploss and takeprofit values are carefully calculated on not numbers just plucked out of thin air.

Could I use my own broker platform?

Yes of course as long as they allow multiple currency pairs for Forex .For Cryptocurrency we will only recommend reputable exchanges then we have dealt with but ultimately it is up to you who you decide to place your trades with .

Do you keep trades open over the weekend?

All trades especially Cryptocurrency are kept open over the weekend and sometimes longer than a week, until they hit Take Profit or Stop Loss.

We always recommend for Intraday trades to be closed out manually Friday before market close.

If I ever need to shut my computer off, what happens to all these trades or orders that are opened at the moment?

Both the order and trades will stay open and trades details ( Order Price, Stop Loss ,Take Profit ) is sent to the broker and handled by them . So if your account goes offline unexpectedly all positions are secured.

With Cryptocurrency your coins will always be on the exchange or in your private wallet. If you are margin trading then it is all done using the online platform.

Is there a way to copy your trading signals without being infront of my PC.

This feature is only available for  FX trades and can be found in the Auto Trading section. This will only work with MT4 and a piece FREE software called Local Trade Copier. Your PC will need to be on and running during the times that the orders are sent . Send us an email if you require more information regarding VPS (virtual private server) hosting.

Should I worry about the economic news releases? Do you open trades prior to news?

We always suggest avoid trading Forex during all macro news events . ECO calendar can be found inside members area.

CryptoCurrency traders needn’t be worried as news events is mainly what is traded.

What is your max number of signals i should trade per day ?

This all depends on your risk tolerance . If risking small few percent per trade then you can go ahead and open many trades up . If your account balance isn’t large then its best to keep trading volume low and gradually increase the amount of trades you place per day.


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